About Us

ZVOX Audio is a coalition of long-time veterans of the audio-video industry. We have many years of experience in product development, design, engineering and manufacturing - with companies like AR®, KLH®, Epicure, Genesis, Advent®, Boston Acoustics®, A/D/S, MB Quart and Cambridge SoundWorks®.

Not Another "Me Too" Company

The world already has enough speaker companies and broad-line electronics manufacturers. ZVOX exists because we see an opportunity to create entirely new product categories that combine simplicity, high quality and affordability.

Committed to Simplicity

In the 1960s, setting up a sound system involved plugging in two speakers, putting an AC plug in the wall, and listening. Today it can take someone hours to set up, connect and test a surround sound system. We can't tell you how many times we've talked to people who can't operate their audio or video systems. The world is tired of complicated sound systems. Go ahead, ask the person next to you. They'll tell you!

At ZVOX we are committed to making high-performance sound systems that are simple to install, and simple to live with….one cabinet, one connecting wire and a one-page owner’s manual.

Committed to Less

We also believe that there are too many boxes, too many cords, too many remote controls and too many owners manuals in the world today. With these things, less is more. We're going to try to keep them under control.

Committed to Quality

We believe in great products. Products that sound really, really good. High quality products that we would sell to our best friends and closest relatives. That's all we will make. That's all that we will sell.

Committed to Affordability

Any company can make high quality products that cost a fortune. At ZVOX we use our years of experience to design quality products that can be affordably manufactured, and reasonably priced.

Why is the company called "ZVOX"?

Tom Hannaher, the founder of ZVOX, grew up in Fargo, North Dakota, where his father worked as a disc jockey at KVOX, a local radio station (“The Voice of the Red River Valley”). When Tom was a boy he often went into work with his dad – and even joined in on a few broadcasts. His fascination with audio equipment began in those studios. When he started ZVOX in 2003, Tom wanted a four-letter brand, so he started with KVOX (which he couldn't use), and changed the K to a Z. That's our story, and we're stickin' to it. (Note:it's pronounced Zee-Vox).

ZVOX People

 CEO & Product Developer, Tom Hannaher


The CEO of ZVOX Audio is industry veteran Tom Hannaher. Starting out in retail at Best Buy in the 1970s, Tom went on to the Marketing Group at Advent - the pioneering audio and big-screen TV company - where he worked with Henry Kloss. He worked with Tweeter, Apple Computer, NAD, Kloss Video, and was Senior Vice President of Marketing at Cambridge SoundWorks, the innovative audio-video manufacturer, where he was responsible for new product development.




President, Sandy Bloomberg


Sandy Bloomberg was founder of the Tweeter Home Entertainment Group in 1970, and was also a founder of the Pro Group, and electronics industry buying and marketing group.





Vice President, Product Development, Jarl Salmela


Our lead designer, Jarl Salmela, is an engineer with deep expertise in amplifier and speaker design. He started with A/D/S, a pioneering U.S. speaker manufacturer then moved on to MB Quart, and then to Cambridge SoundWorks, where he was Engineering Manager. Jarl has designed dozens of speakers, home theater systems, portable audio devices and table radios.



Speaker Designer, Winslow Burhoe


The original ZVOX system designs were executed by Winslow Burhoe, an innovative speaker engineer with a long history in the audio business. Winslow got his start working with Edgar Vilchur in the 1950s at Acoustic Research. Later Winslow founded EPI Loudspeakers, where he invented the world's first inverted dome tweeter. He has also designed speaker systems for Genesis, Boston Acoustics, Energy and Nuance.



ZVOX Call Center Staff


Meet the ZVOX Call Center staff, a unique group of individuals ready to help by email, phone or online.

Call Center Staff

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