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I have been selling, consulting and writing in the audio/video industry for 18 years. When I was 21 years old, I started selling portable audio and home audio systems at a large New England retail chain called Lechmere. Later I went to work for a local speaker manufacturer, Cambridge SoundWorks, where I spent the majority of my audio career. I sold and consulted in many of their retail stores and ultimately ended up in their Marketing department, where I wrote ad copy for catalogs and the website. I also ran the company’s eBay sales division. Incidentally, Cambridge SoundWorks was also the place where I would meet many of the future ZVOX Audio employees.   Doug Webber, Senior Audio Expert 

I went to work for a loudspeaker manufacturer in New England in 1975. That's what I've done since, with ZVOX Audio being the fourth manufacturer (Advent, Boston Acoustics, Cambridge SoundWorks are the previous companies). In my spare time, I like to travel and take photos. I am ready to make sure any ZVOX Audio customer starts enjoying their SoundBase system quickly.  
Fred Pinkerton, Product Manager

I have always loved tinkering with electronics. I built my first computer out of spare parts when I was nine years old.  During my college years I was a pizza delivery driver, which got me into car audio.  I loved picking out components, installing, and configuring them.  In addition to electronics, computers and audio equipment, I also love getting out in nature and just relaxing or skiing down a mountain at break-neck speeds.  
Dan Hudson, Audio Expert

My name is Matt Lazzaro and I make lot of visual art-work and beer. I'm a gradualte of the Art Institute of Boston. I received a bachelors degree in Fine Arts - Painting as well as a minor in Art History. My goal in life is to be a professional brewer of awseome beer in Maine. In the meantime, I enjoy working with people to find the right ZVOX for their needs, or offer techincal support. Send me an email or give me a call - I'm here to help!
Matt Lazzaro, Audio Expert

My biggest passion in life is music. I love to go to as many concerts as I possibly can. I have played guitar for 18 years. Working for a company that specializes in enhancing people’s audio experiences is right up my alley. I think that ZVOX provides an awesome listening experience at a great value. My job is teaching people how they can achieve very high quality audio without the complications of standard home theater equipment. Making things easy for people is a big part of ZVOX. Whether it is our easy installation or our excellent customer service, we really like making people happy. And that makes me happy!
Joe Hannaher, Senior Audio Expert/Reseller Sales Support

In addition to being a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, drums, etc.), private music teacher, and Berklee College of Music grad, I also like to dabble with technology. I've always been interested in audio/video equipment from an early age, from the days of vinyl and record players, VHS recorders, cassette tapes to CD players and DVD/Blu-ray players, and installation of home/car audio and video. I love movies and music, and getting great sound is always priority one!   Al Palubeckis, Audio Expert 

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