ZVOX Speaker Comparison Chart

When we started ZVOX in 2003 there was only one other company in the “sound bar” business (they no longer are). Since then, we seem to have stirred up some competition. Some of those competing products are pretty good, others are not. We've developed a chart that demonstrates why ZVOX's Z-Base Systems are the best there are.

Product NameZVOX 220ZVOX 320Bose®
ZVOX 420Boston
Tvee One
Power Base
ZVOX 555Klipsch®
ZVOX 580
ZVOX 220ZVOX 320ZVOX 420ZVOX 555ZVOX 580
Output Leveling to tame loud commercials     
Dialog Emphasis™ for super-clear vocals     
Center Speakers     
Built-in Powered Subwoofer  
Wood (MDF) Cabinet    Partial
Switching between multiple A/V devices     
Can learn to respond to other remotes 
Front connection for iPod® or other devices     
BluetoothBluetooth Ready*Bluetooth Ready* Bluetooth Ready*Bluetooth Ready*Bluetooth Ready*
Volume and power controls on sound system Volume OnlyVolume Only
Bass adjustment control  
Treble adjustment control    
Multiple virtual surround sound settings   
Numerical LED Display     
Size-compatible with most 32" TVs
Size-compatible with most 37" TVs 
Size-compatible with most 40" TVs  
Size-compatible with most 50" - 55" TVs       
Size-compatible with most 60" - 65" TVs         
TV weight limit70 lbs.70 lbs.40 lbs.70 lbs.60 lbs.77 lbs.80 lbs.120 lbs.100 lbs.160 lbs.
TV base maximum width16.5"23.25"20"27"23.375" 26.5"23" 27"31"35"
TV base maximum depth12"11"10.25"14"13.5" 10.37 12"14"11"15.6"


Bose® is a registered trademark of Bose Corporation. Boston Acoustics® is a registered trademark of D&M Holdings, Inc. Onkyo® is a registered trademark of Onkyo Corporation. Energy® and Klipsch® are registered trademarks of Klipsch Group, Inc.
*System has multiple inputs with switching capability, so optional Bluetooth receiver (~$20) can be easily added.

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