Shipping Charges

Note: Our fullfillment centers will be closed on 12/23/16 -12/27/16 and 12/30/16 - 1/2/17. Orders placed during these times will ship in the order they were received during normal business hours. 

We offer FREE Ground shipping (typically FedEx Ground) on all ZVOX systems, to anywhere in the United States excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Customers in Hawaii or Alaska should contact us for a shipping quote. Ground shipment transit time may vary, especially during the holiday season. Most orders placed on our website ship the next business day. ZVOX Audio cannot guarantee either the exact day of consignment to the carrier or the transit time of the carrier on Ground shipments. 

It is possible to select one or two day transit shipment from our website order entry system at extra charge. Selecting this option does not affect the time the order is released for shipment at the warehouse. ZVOX Audio makes every attempt to consign orders received by 12:00PM EST to carriers that evening, but this performance cannot be guaranteed.

International Sales

ZVOX Audio sells and services our products to customers in the United States. ZVOX Audio cannot ship purchased products to destinations outside the United States. Unfortunately at this time we have only a limited number of distributors outside the United States.
ZVOX Audio provides warranty and non-warranty service on our products for customers located in the United States. ZVOX Audio cannot ship ZVOX Audio systems from our service department to locations outside the United States.

What is your return policy?

When you purchase directly from us, we give you 60 days to try your ZVOX system in your home, with your music, with your movies. If you don't love it, for any reason, you can return it for a full refund*. You are responsible for return shipping charges. Please email us at info@zvoxaudio.com for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and return shipping instructions. Please read your RMA email and shipping/packing instructions thoroughly. Please note: our 60-day money-back return policy applies only to systems purchased directly from ZVOX Audio. If you buy a system from a ZVOX reseller, you should refer to their return policies. CLICK HERE TO READ OUR WARRANTY AND RETURN/REPAIR PROCEDURE

*A reduced refund will apply on a returned ZVOX Audio product that arrives at ZVOX Audio without all accessories or that arrives with damage. Be sure to retain the ZVOX Audio carton and packing materials throughout the term of the 60 day "return for refund" period. A replacement ZVOX Audio carton/packing set is $30, shipped prepaid to your address.

ZVOX may refuse a customer return or charge a restocking fee, when the returned item is not in “like-new” condition and/or properly packaged. Other conditions that may result in a refusal or restocking fee include, but are not limited to:

  • A different serial number than the one ZVOX originally shipped.
  • Missing parts/accessories or the original product packing material.
  • Damage because it was improperly packaged for return shipment.
  • Damage from drops, spilled liquid, or mishandling.


Comparing ZVOX Systems

Click here to view our Speaker Comparison Chart.


What is the best way to connect a ZVOX system to my TV?

Your various TV program sources (cable/satellite box, off-air TV via an antenna, DVD/Blu-ray player, game system, outboard streaming video sources--Roku, Amazon Fire and similar, built-in internet streaming capability on a TV) have the audio content of the programs sent to the TV's audio output. The audio output of the TV would connect to an input on a ZVOX Audio system.

ZVOX Audio products do not need and do not support HDMI connection between the TV and the ZVOX Audio product. The TV's digital or analog audio output is used by a ZVOX Audio product. ZVOX Audio products support audio from any TV source (including those connected to the TV via HDMI) that the TV delivers to the ZVOX in analog or PCM digital audio formats. The ZVOX 770, 670, 570, 450, 350 and our soundbar products also support Dolby Digital format digital audio.

For the ZVOX 770, 670, 570, 450, 350, SB500 and SB400 models, it is best to use the digital audio output on your TV connect with a digital audio input on the ZVOX Audio product. This is usually an optical digital audio output on the TV. Some TV sets use coaxial digital audio output. Theses ZVOX Audio models all have Dolby Digital decoding capability

For the ZVOX 220/320 models, using your TV’s analog audio output is usually the simplest solution. If your TV does not have a rear panel stereo analog audio output, you can use your TV’s headphone jack, if it is equipped with one. The ZVOX 220 and 320 models have optical and coaxial digital audio inputs. These two models require PCM format digital audio. The TV or each of its digital program sources must be limited to PCM digital audio format to work with these inputs. Call ZVOX Audio toll-free at 866-367-9869 with the brand and model number of your TV if you would like to know the compatibility of your TV with any ZVOX Audio model.

Your various components (cable/satellite box, DVD/Blu-ray player, game system) would get connected to your TV’s inputs and the audio output of the TV would go to the ZVOX system.

I use an over-the-air antenna for receiving my HDTV broadcasts. Which ZVOX system is the right choice for me?  

If your TV only has a digital audio output, then you will need a ZVOX system that has Dolby Digital decoding capability since the only audio signal you receive through an over-the-air HDTV broadcast is Dolby Digital. The ZVOX 430HSD, ZVOX 555 and ZVOX 580 models all have Dolby Digital decoders built into them. You would need the appropriate digital audio cable (optical digital or coaxial digital) to go from your TV’s digital audio output to the digital input on the ZVOX system. If your TV has an analog audio output or a headphone jack, you can use either of those connections to connect to any other ZVOX system.  

I have cable TV and do not use a cable box; the cable wire goes from the wall to the TV’s antenna connector. Which ZVOX system should I get?

The same restrictions for "direct digital cable TV" connections apply as described for "off air" reception in the previous entry. Call ZVOX Audio with your TV brand and model number for more specific advice.

I just bought a new ZVOX system and sometimes I hear strange digital beeping/static sounds through the speaker when watching TV. Is there something wrong with my ZVOX system? 

No, there is nothing wrong with your ZVOX speaker. The ZVOX system simply reproduces whatever audio signal is coming into it. The problem can be digital watermarking, digital compression or any number of things having to do with the original broadcast in between, before the signal gets to your TV. This is what will sometimes cause strange beeping noises or digital distortion-like sounds when watching a TV broadcast. If the ZVOX speaker was truly to blame, then you would hear that noise or distortion all of the time, regardless of the source, and not just intermittently while watching TV. Click on the link below to read examples documented by other people: http://www.change.org/petitions/all-television-providers-comcast-directtv-verizon-att-stop-the- beeping

Why are the dialogue too quiet and the action scenes too loud when I watch a DVD or an HDTV on demand movie through my ZVOX system?

Movie soundtracks have a much greater dynamic range than a standard TV broadcast; so the differences in volume between the loudest and softest sounds are wider. The Output Leveling feature on ZVOX systems force loud and soft passages of a video program to be closer to the same volume.

Will ZVOX systems work with Apple’s Airport Express?

ZVOX systems will work with the Airport Express — and will sound terrific.

What if my TV doesn’t have audio output jacks or a headphone jack -- how can I connect the ZVOX system?

It's quite rare for a TV have no audio output jack. Contact ZVOX Audio to find out or confirm if our TV falls in this group. The majority of people that call ZVOX Audio thinking their TV does not have a suitable audio output are mis-informed. If you do have a TV with no audio output, you can almost always use an output on a digital cable box and other video program sources (disc player, game box, streaming box, etc). This is because every ZVOX Audio features multiple, selectable audio inputs, not just ONE audio input.

Programming your ZVOX to work with your remote

All ZVOX Audio products can be programmed to respond to almost any remote control preferred by the ZVOX Audio product owner. The illuminated display on the ZVOX Audio product walks you through an easy programming for most remote controls. Then your TV remote...or cable box remote...or satellite receiver remote...or ANY remote...can control volume, mute, power and input functions of the ZVOX system. This video explains to how program your ZVOX speaker.

In the rare case where a preferred remote control cannot be directly "learned" by the ZVOX Audio product, it is almost always possible to adjust the settings on the preferred remote to control the ZVOX Audio product using our "emulation" method. Briefly, the goal is to get your preferred remote to control volume on the ZVOX Audio product and NOT on your TV. You can set the ZVOX Audio product to emulate "Sony", for instance, if you have a Samsung TV. Then we would tell you how to adjust your preferred remote control so it adjust audio on a "Sony audio device", which would allow the remote to control the ZVOX and not the volume on the Samsung TV.

Learn Your Remote Live from ZVOX Video on Vimeo.

How do I program my DIRECTV remote to control my ZVOX speaker?

A Guide to Popular Remote Controls is included with each ZVOX Audio product. Popular DirecTV, Comcast, ATT, and Dish remote controls have specific instructions in the Guide. This guide can also be sent to your email address as a PDF document.

Will the surround sound from a ZVOX system be equivalent to a 5-speaker system?

The surround sound effects of ZVOX system are not equal to those of a system with 5-7 speakers, and in fact can vary quite a bit from movie to movie. In designing the product we put the focus on overall sound quality — combined with simplicity and small size. With a well-recorded movie soundtrack, your ZVOX system will provide a very wide soundstage (it will sound sort of like you are listening to speakers 8 feet apart from each other), with considerable depth and three-dimensionality. You should sometimes hear sounds coming from the sides of the listening area, and occassionally from directly in back of you. Also, if your TV or DVD player has a virtual surround sound function, you could try switching that on as well — these circuits work well with the ZVOX design. But if you insist of incredible, discrete surround sound performance (cars driving around you, bullets bouncing off rear walls, airplanes circling overhead), you should probably get a 5-speaker system.

Why does the ZVOX hum when used with headphone jack on my TV?

This is usually caused by headphone plug fit. Either it is not fully inserted into the headphone jack or dust or other material has degraded the metal to metal contact. Simply remove and replace the plug in the jack a few times twisting the plug back and forth to clean off the connections. Then make sure it is fully seated. Also, make sure the volume setting on the TV (which affects headphone output level) is set to at LEAST 50% volume.


Bluetooth Synchronization
ZVOX Audio products are designed to be connected to a TV using an analog or digital audio signal cable.
ZVOX Audio products also feature wireless audio reception that adheres to the Bluetooth Music standard. The Bluetooth standards organization includes this standard for listening to audio-only signals from smartphones and other devices. 
Adequate synchronization of a TV picture with transmitted Bluetooth audio can only be achieved using an adjustment in the transmitting device (the TV/smartphone or Bluetooth transmitting module). This "synch" adjustment is found on many TVs, but rarely on outboard Bluetooth transmitters. A user will need to refer to the Bluetooth transmitting device's instructions for this synch adjustment. 
The synch adjustment procedure can be tedious to follow. For this reason, a signal cable connection between the TV and the ZVOX is the only recommended way to insure proper picture/sound synchronization between a ZVOX Audio product and a TV.

Bluetooth Troubleshooting:

Bluetooth offers a convenient, short range wireless connection between two devices. Bluetooth can sometimes it can be finicky, so here are some trouble shooting suggestions.

“I can’t get my Bluetooth device to initially pair with my ZVOX system.”

First, power off your Bluetooth device, then power it back on again. Power-cycling the Bluetooth source device can often clear previously incompatible settings.

Make sure there are no other nearby devices (PC/Mac, Smartphone, tablet, etc.) with Bluetooth connectivity enabled.

When you first pair your Bluetooth device to the ZVOX system, it can take anywhere from 10-25 seconds to initially pair. ‘bLUE’ will continue to flash on the ZVOX’s LED screen until the pairing takes place. Your Bluetooth device should indicate some phrase like “Do you wish to pair with the ZVOX system?” After you select ‘yes’ or ‘pair’, the ZVOX system should appear on your list of paired Bluetooth devices. Depending on your Bluetooth device, you may have to then select the ZVOX entry in your Bluetooth list to make the connection to the ZVOX system. When the device connects with the ZVOX system, ‘bLUE’ will stop blinking on the LED display and will disappear.

“My Bluetooth device connects and then disconnects from the ZVOX system.”

Make sure there are no other nearby Bluetooth devices (PC/Mac, Smartphone, tablet, etc.) with Bluetooth connectivity enabled. If your Bluetooth source has paired with multiple Bluetooth devices and if any of those paired devices are nearby with Bluetooth enabled, then your Bluetooth source could switch from the ZVOX system to one of the other Bluetooth devices.

If there are no other nearby “Bluetooth receiving” devices in the room besides the ZVOX system, delete the "ZVOX" entry in the list of "paired devices" and then "rediscover" the ZVOX with the phone's Bluetooth search function.

You can also try powering off your Bluetooth source device, then power it back on again. Power-cycling the Bluetooth source device can often clear previous incompatible settings.

“We have two portable Bluetooth source devices, which are both paired with our ZVOX system but only one of us can connect at a time.”

This is correct; the ZVOX system can only connect to one Bluetooth device at a time. It stays connected to that device until the Bluetooth connection is turned off on the source device. As a side note, the ZVOX system can remember the last five devices that were paired to it. If you were to then pair a sixth device, the first device that got paired gets bumped from the list.

For instance, you are connected via Bluetooth to the ZVOX system and your significant other wants to use his or her device with the ZVOX system. When you turn off your Bluetooth source’s connectivity, the ZVOX system will start searching for another Bluetooth signal. Once your significant other turns on his or her Bluetooth connectivity, the ZVOX system will automatically connect to it.

How much power do ZVOX systems have?

All ZVOX sound bars use amplifiers that have been acoustically contoured to match the speakers used in the systems. This design approach results in systems that will fill most rooms with realistic sound levels. However, our larger systems (580 and 555) definitely do play louder and produce more robust bass response.

  • ZVOX SB500: 140 watts digital amplification
  • ZVOX SB400: 118 watts digital amplification
  • ZVOX 770: 125 watts digital amplification
  • ZVOX 670: 105 watts digital amplification
  • ZVOX 570: 65 watts digital amplification
  • ZVOX 450: 45 watts digital amplification
  • ZVOX 350: 40 watts digital amplification
  • ZVOX 320: 40 watts analog amplification
  • ZVOX 220: 35 watts analog amplification



What is the warranty?

All ZVOX systems purchased directly from us or through an authorized reseller are backed by a One Year Limited Parts and Labor Warranty. Click here for details.

Product Registration

Product registrations help us expedite warranty repairs and support requests. You can visit our Product Registration page to register your new ZVOX speaker system.


Product Manuals

SoundBars SB400 & SB500


SoundBar SB400 & SB500

SOUNDBAR.SB400/500 Quick Set-up Sheet
SOUNDBAR SB400/500 Product Manual
SOUNDBAR.SB400/500 Learning Remote Guide

Bluetooth Instructions



SOUNDBAR.SB400/500 Adjustment Options
SOUNDBAR SB400/500 Back Panel and Dimensions
How Big is the SB400/500 Next to My TV?



Platinum Line Products


SoundBase® 570

Quick Setup Guide
Operations Guide
Learning Remote Guide
Adjustment Options
Guide for Popular Cable/Satellite remotes
Warranty Information

SoundBase® 670

Quick Setup Guide
Operations Guide
Learning Remote Guide
Adjustment Options
Guide for Popular Cable/Satellite remotes
Warranty Information

SoundBase® 770

Quick Setup Guide
Operations Guide
Learning Remote Guide
Adjustment Options
Guide for Popular Cable/Satellite remotes
Warranty Information

SoundBase Products


SoundBase® 350

Quick Setup Guide
Operations Guide
Learning Remote Guide
Adjustment Options
Guide for Popular Cable/Satellite remotes
Warranty Information

SoundBase® 450

Quick Setup Guide
Operations Guide
Learning Remote Guide
Adjustment Options
Guide for Popular Cable/Satellite remotes
Warranty Information

SoundBase® 220/320/420

Quick Setup Guide
Operations Guide
Learning Remote Guide

Legacy Products


580 Quick Setup Guide
580 Operations Guide
580 Learning Remote Guide
555 Quick Setup Guide
555 Operations Guide
555 Learning Remote Guide

575 Operations Guide
575HSD Operations Guide
550 Operations Guide
550HSD Operations Guide
425 Operations Guide
425xs Operations Guide
440 Operations Guide

430 Operations Guide
430HSD Operations Guide
415 Operations Guide
325 Operations Guide
315 Operations Guide
ZVOX Mini Operations Guide
Chief MSPZVX1-I Wall Bracket

Product Brochures

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