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ZVOX single-cabinet home theater systems reproduce the spoken word with remarkable clarity. We have had a number of customers tell us that ZVOX audio systems make it easier for their hearing-impaired family members to enjoy television programs. Simply put, they can hear audio - especially the spoken word - more clearly, without having to turn up TV volume to the "blast 'em out" level.

There are a number of reasons for this:

  •  The ZVOX  PhaseCue™ system uses an all-channel speaker (or speakers) in the center of the cabinet. This monaural speaker tends to "anchor" the sound, creating clear, robust audio that is easy to hear. This design is particularly effective in reproducing human voices -- announcers, actors, interview subjects. If you adjust the PhaseCue control to a low setting (2-3), the ZVOX system puts a super-strong emphasis on voice reproduction for unmatched clarity.
  • ZVOX systems are designed to disperse sound clearly throughout a room. So even if you are sitting far off to the side of the TV, you will still hear voices clearly – even at very low volume levels.
  • Because they use high-performance speakers and amplifiers, ZVOX systems produce a wide range of sounds accurately, with very low distortion. This rich, natural sound is easier to hear because it does not include the distortion often associated with cheap, "tinny sounding" TV speakers.
  • Try this experiment: turn your TV volume up to a moderately high level, then put your fingers on the cabinet near the speakers. You’ll probably feel the plastic cabinet vibrating – essentially “singing along” with the speakers. These undesired cabinet vibrations often “muddy” the sound of the TV. ZVOX cabinets are made of wood – medium density fiberboard (MDF). MDF doesn’t vibrate like plastic, so there’s no muddiness to the sound.

New Feature: AccuVoice® for Dialog Enhancement!

All of our SoundBase systems include a remarkable feature - our exclusive AccuVoice® (or Dialog Enhancement in previous models.) AccuVoice puts all the audio focus on the spoken word, diminishing the effect of many interfering sounds. It uses hearing aid technology to make voices unbelievably clear and easy to understand. Just press the AccuVoice or "DE" button on the remote control and voices seem to jump out of the speaker right into your head! It's uncanny how well it works. "One of the reasons I was very excited about this product [SoundBase 350] was because my fiancé has trouble hearing. He can’t hear extreme highs (for example, birds chirping) and has trouble understanding voices on TV at times. I wanted to test out the SoundBase because I thought it might help him hear things on TV better and make for a more enjoyable viewing experience. The SoundBase uses an AccuVoice technology that delivers super-clear voice reproduction and we can attest to it working as described." -MacSources

 "I could hear a difference when Accuvoice was activated, but I wondered if it would be the same for Mom, who has a lot more difficulty hearing words correctly...The look on her face showed it worked. I could tell she was impressed, and she said she could hear a clear difference. We tested it several times on TV shows, movies and even music played from her phone using the SoundBase's Bluetooth wireless connection. The difference was evident each time for both of us...I noted the clear difference the next day when she turned it on to watch television. The volume was lower than the level she usually has it set to hear words clearly. It wasn't to the level I usually use, but it was a lower level for her...Clearly, the SoundBase made a difference in her ability to hear the words or music better. It made a difference for me as well...The SoundBase 350 made a lot of promises, but it delivered on each one. The sound was rich, the Accuvoice helped hear dialogue better and the Output Leveling was a welcome relief...It won't solve hearing problems, but it certainly could help those who have them hear their televisions a little better." -Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Here are some unsolicited reviews from happy customers:

My wife has mild hearing loss and our existing surround sound system just wasn't allowing us to make voices stand out over background music and sounds… The AccuVoice feature has been great for us.  We still get terrific overall sound, but now we can keep the volume fairly low and hear dialog very clearly. – John L. 

We are seniors, and had difficulties hearing the TV. Your wonderful product cured the problem. And, we don't have to turn on the stereo system every time we watch the TV. If I had known your products worked so well I would have bought a 555 and skipped all of the extra speakers and the receiver! Keep up the good work. Y'all are the best! – Robert L, TN

I'm 78 yrs old and I can hear the movie TV dialogue thanks to my ZVOX 580 and I don't ask my wife "What did she say?" any more.   We now have more room in our SunRoom do to the removal of all my OLD speakers and STUFF. – Dick A, IN

As a former US Marine and hunter/shooter, my hearing is damaged.  I recently bought the ZVOX 580 specifically for the dialogue enhancement.  One of your ads states a comment to the effect that ... strange as it seems some people actually buy the unit just for that reason.  Well ... understanding dialogue is quite important to total enjoyment of a televised program.  Anyhow ... that is why “I” made the purchase. What can I say ... it works. – Edward L, MT

I've seen your ads on the internet and since I'm hard of hearing, I checked which local stores carry your products so I could hear for myself what all the " hype " was about. Well, honestly, as you know, there is NO hype involved! The DE feature is truly amazing! - Michael K

We would like to share our experience. We have a large TV with stereo speakers that I thought sounded good. I've been an audiophile for many years and when I saw the ad in Home Theater for the ZVOX I decided to give it a try. After hooking it up I was checking it out when I noticed my wife sitting next to me had tears in her eyes. I asked her what was the matter. She said I can understand everything they are saying without my hearing aids. I didn't have it turned up as loud as I usually do. She is hard of hearing and this was an emotional experience for her. The enjoyment we are both having is worth far more than the $200 we paid for the ZVOX. - Lonn & Judy

I learned of ZVOX by research on line. My mother (100 years old) reported that she had a hard time hearing dialogue on her TV..something I frankly had never heard of before. I googled something like "hard to hear TV dialogue" and learned first that surround sound was the answer, but that was far more than what is appropriate for simple TV watching by someone with hearing issues to begin with. Digging a bit deeper I came to ZVOX, read the info on line, and then called. As a long time resident of the area, I was frankly thrilled to find a "local" business of folks from the companies that had supplied much of our own audio equipment. The telephone conversation, with an informed and helpful person, sealed the deal. And it was free shipping to my mom in Washington State. We purchased the 555. My mother loves it. Now she can enjoy TV without turning up the volume to hear the dialogue, which only turned up the noise as well. And, her care-taker also really loves it. The volume is now reasonable, and she no longer has to answer "what did they say?". Thank you ZVOX. - David H

The ZVOX Speaker was delivered in a timely fashion, by UPS. I am extremely satisfied with the speaker, since my wife and I have had some difficulty hearing the dialog through the TVs speakers. The ZVOX successfully allows the dialog to be heard above any background music. Needless to say, we were very pleasantly surprised that this product produced the results it advertised. The bass and the music production are of high fidelity quality and can more than easily fill our den, if we choose to crank up the volume. - George, Staten Island, NY

 I purchased the ZVOX One-Box audio system. The web-based purchase was easy to complete, I received prompt acknowledgement of the order and tracking information when the order shipped (which occurred within a couple of business days). I had purchased the product to help my wife (who has a hearing deficiency) hear the TV better. She has commented that she really likes the product. All-in-all a very satisfying experience. - Robin S.

After the purchase of a Sony LCD TV, I was sick to think I had paid $1300 for a TV my wife could not understand all of what was being said, she was continually asking what did she say, what is he talking about, what did he say, upping the volume did not help. I hooked a subwoofer and speakers that came with my computer to the TV, the sound was improved, but they had to be turned on and off separately and not suitable in my livening room, so enter how I found your product. I searched the local stores for something that would take care of the problem, no luck. I searched the internet and found many that did not fit my needs. I have forgotten what I type in Google but I got one site referring to Zvox 315's improvement over the LCD TV's speakers, from there I type Zvox in google. The rest is history. Although I had to turn the subwoofer down low because of my wife's hearing condition, the 315 still has a very good sound. My wife can hear the dialog much better now. Thank you. - James H.

I am 81 years old and my wife is a little younger. We both use hearing aids part of the time. We found we had difficulty discerning speech in too many movies (we use DVDs or streaming video every day). We tried a "cheap" brand of soundbar and got no relief, so we took it back under warranty. I kept searching the internet and came across your website. I studied all of your popular models and was much encouraged that you knew the kind of problems we elderly have and had worked out solutions. Not only have you wonderfully solved our problem re: hearing speech, but we also greatly appreciate being able to tone down those loud ads. We are not surround sound, home theater aficionados, so we find that aspect just fine for us. In summary, we are thrilled with the 555 and wish we had gotten one long ago. P.S. I'm a retired Psychiatrist and made a living listening to my patients and (hopefully) never missing a word they said ! Hence you can imagine my old age frustration when I can't clearly hear what is said. - Warden R.

Love our Zvox 320. My wide is deaf in one ear due to a high fever as a child and I have hearing loss due to activities in high noise environments and ear infections as a child. We tried one of these big box store $100 speaker bases and took it back as there was very little improvement. I ordered my 320 online, hooked it up and what a difference it made! We had problems hearing voices and turning up the volume just distorted the voices even more. The 320 allowed us to make the adjustments to improve the sound quality to the point that we rarely have problems with voices anymore on regular TV and movies that we watch via the DVD player. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with hearing loss. - Lloyd, Iowa

My wife and I were looking specifically for something that would "even out" the sound. My wife wears hearing aids and, with our TV, in order for her to hear the dialogue we had to have the volume VERY loud. Even then she had difficulty and we paused our Tivo fairly often so I could summarize what he said/she said. It was OK for me, but we wanted to try and find a product that would help her hear dialogue better. We decided to order the SoundBase 555. It seemed like the model that would work best for us and for the TV we have. We use the "Output Leveling" setting, and it works as described. We are able to keep the volume at a normal setting and my wife is able to hear the dialogue much better. The set up was very simple. The only difficulty I had was getting the audio cable to fit my TV. It was not a problem with the ZVOX, the connector on my TV was in an awkward position and it was a tight fit, but I finally did connect it and it worked beautifully! We are very happy we chose ZVOX and we recommend it every chance we get. - Rich B

I've purchased your 555 sound base which is a godsend for my wife who has a slight hearing loss and would always ask me, "What did he/she say?" The dialog emphasis button, as well as the button for compressing the sound, is perfect for her. We use it with our main television. We can now watch Blu-Ray discs without any complaints about the great sound variants and unintelligible speech. Thank you for building products that are well built, sound terrific, and are also a great value. - Mike K

My wife is deaf in one ear and has hearing loss in the other and uses a hearing aid in her one 'good' ear. Understanding dialog has always been an issue for her so when our 20 year old AV receiver quit working I went looking for alternatives.

I heard about ZVOX products when Googling for home theater speakers that were good for vocal clarity. That search brought me to Amazon and I read the very positive reviews about the ZVOX 555 and people really appreciating the diaglog emphasis (DE) feature. So based on the reviews I purchased the ZVOX 555.

We have been very pleased with the DE feature and we leave it in that mode all of the time. It has made a really big difference for my wife and her ability to understand the dialog when watching TV.

Thanks ZVOX for creating the DE feature! It has made TV watching for us much more enjoyable. - Bob J.

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