For the Hearing Impaired



ZVOX single-cabinet home theater systems reproduce the spoken word with remarkable clarity. We have had a number of customers tell us that ZVOX audio systems make it easier for their hearing-impaired family members to enjoy television programs. Simply put, they can hear audio - especially the spoken word - more clearly, without having to turn up TV volume to the "blast 'em out" level.

There are a number of reasons for this:

  •  The ZVOX  PhaseCue™ system uses an all-channel speaker (or speakers) in the center of the cabinet. This monaural speaker tends to "anchor" the sound, creating clear, robust audio that is easy to hear. This design is particularly effective in reproducing human voices -- announcers, actors, interview subjects. If you adjust the PhaseCue control to a low setting (2-3), the ZVOX system puts a super-strong emphasis on voice reproduction for unmatched clarity.
  • ZVOX systems are designed to disperse sound clearly throughout a room. So even if you are sitting far off to the side of the TV, you will still hear voices clearly – even at very low volume levels.
  • Because they use high-performance speakers and amplifiers, ZVOX systems produce a wide range of sounds accurately, with very low distortion. This rich, natural sound is easier to hear because it does not include the distortion often associated with cheap, "tinny sounding" TV speakers.
  • Try this experiment: turn your TV volume up to a moderately high level, then put your fingers on the cabinet near the speakers. You’ll probably feel the plastic cabinet vibrating – essentially “singing along” with the speakers. These undesired cabinet vibrations often “muddy” the sound of the TV. ZVOX cabinets are made of wood – medium density fiberboard (MDF). MDF doesn’t vibrate like plastic, so there’s no muddiness to the sound.


AccuVoice – The Industry Standard For Vocal Clarity.
ZVOX uses hearing aid technology to make voices crystal clear, even at low volumes.

If you have difficulty hearing dialog on TV shows, movies or sports broadcasts, AccuVoice® may be your solution. Press the AccuVoice (or Dialog Enhancement*) button on your remote control and you turn your ZVOX system into a giant hearing aid. AccuVoice puts all the audio focus on the spoken word, diminishing the effect of many interfering sounds. The results are amazing. Better than anything we’ve heard. Audiologist Lindsey Banks at Everyday Hearing reviewed our SoundBase 450 and said "I can see the enormous benefits it would have for those with hearing loss, and even improve the TV listening ease of those with normal hearing...The TV sound is richer, clearer, and much easier to understand with the ZVOX system. I would definitely recommend it to my patients with hearing loss."  Still not convinced? Use our 60 day home trial and listen for yourself. If you don’t love it, return your ZVOX system. But be warned – you’re going to love it!

What Customers Say..
My wife has mild hearing loss and our existing surround sound system just wasn't allowing us to make voices stand out over background music
and sounds. The AccuVoice feature has been great for us.  We still get terrific overall sound, but now we can keep the volume fairly low and
hear dialog very clearly. – John L. 
We would like to share our experience. We have a large TV with stereo speakers that I thought sounded good. I've been an audiophile for many
years 'and when I saw the ad in Home Theater for the ZVOX I decided to give it a try. After hooking it up I was checking it out when I noticed my
wife sitting next to me had tears in her eyes. I asked her what was the matter. She said,  "I can understand everything they are saying without my
hearing aids". I didn't have it turned up as loud as I usually do. She is hard of hearing and this was an emotional experience for her. 
The enjoyment we are both having is worth far more than the $200 we paid for the ZVOX. - Lonn & Judy


Melissa does the "Mom" test - Mellisa Jones in The Arkansas Democrat Gazette

"It's one thing for me to put the SoundBase through its paces, but I decided to subject it to the real test -- my mother. Like most people as they age, my mother's hearing doesn't work as well as it did when she was younger. Consequently, she has trouble sometimes hearing words distinctly, especially on television. The SoundBase is aimed, in large part, at helping with these types of hearing issues. Naturally, I figured Mom would be a better judge of its abilities than I would.

The sound and Output Leveling worked just as well for her as for me. The biggest test, however, was the Accuvoice feature on television shows. I could hear a difference when Accuvoice was activated, but I wondered if it would be the same for Mom, who has a lot more difficulty hearing words correctly. The look on her face showed it worked. I could tell she was impressed, and she said she could hear a clear difference. We tested it several times on TV shows, movies and even music played from her phone using the SoundBase's Bluetooth wireless connection. The difference was evident each time for both of us."

Read the complete article  ZVOX SoundBase System for TVs Dramatically Enhances Clarity


* Our very best dialog enhancement systems are labeled AccuVoice and are used in our AccuVoice TV Speaker, ZVOX SoundBase models 770, 670, 570, 450 and 350 and in our SB400 and SB500 soundbars. Previous models use a system labeled “Dialog Emphasis” (or DE) on the remote control. This system is also excellent and is included in SoundBase models 580, 555, 420, 320 and 220.

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