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How To Get Home Theater Sound...Without All The Wires And Boxes

Most of our customers connect their ZVOX systems to TVs to create a home theater system. Unlike traditional surround sound packages — which typically have five to seven speakers, a separate powered subwoofer and a receiver — a ZVOX system consists of only a single cabinet and a single connecting wire. Inside each system there are speakers, amplifiers, a powered subwoofer and our acclaimed PhaseCue virtual surround sound system. Installation takes only minutes.

Our systems deliver room-filling, three-dimensional sound with crystal-clear vocals and accurate bass. When we first started selling all-in-one home theater systems in 2004, many people were skeptical. But with dozens and dozens of rave reviews and thousands of satisfied customers, the ZVOX approach to surround sound has been widely accepted and widely imitated. Every month another company introduces a ZVOX-like simple home theater system. But few systems can approach our combination of quality sound, quality construction, style, simplicity and value. ZVOX is the leader in all-in-one surround sound systems.

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