Hotel Room Audio

Quality hotels install ZVOX in their guest rooms to provide quality sound that is clear – even at low volumes.

As hoteliers deploy high-technology television and VOD systems in guest rooms, audio systems are often ignored. Operators who choose to install high quality guest room audio systems will be in a position to improve guest satisfaction, and to provide a strong differentiator for marketing campaigns.

Flat panel TVs have flat sound.

A little-discussed fact is that virtually all flat-panel TVs incorporate speaker systems that aren’t as good as their tube predecessors. The space limitations of the thin cabinets – and price-point pressures that squeeze out “non-essential” features – result in TVs with inferior sound quality. The sound quality is so poor, that guests often have to turn up the volume just to be able to understand the dialog of a newscast. These higher volumes can lead to complaints from neighboring guests. And bad sound does nothing to enhance the guest’s stay. Remember – video is only half of the in-room entertainment is the other half.

The iPod™ revolution.

A growing percentage of hotel guests travel with iPods, or other portable audio devices (portable CD players, MP3 players, Personal Video Recorders, laptop PCs). These guests are very appreciative when hotels provide a simple system that allows them to fully enjoy their music. A high quality audio system is far preferable to tinny-sounding clock radios.

Marketing differentiation.

Adding a properly-designed audio system to a hotel guestroom may well be the single most affordable way to create a strong marketing differentiation. In combination with a new flat-panel TV, a guest room audio system provides a genuine home theater experience – that sets you apart from your competition.

Why choose ZVOX?

ZVOX TV sound systems combine simplicity, style, sound quality and ease of installation. That’s why a number of hotels have installed our systems in their guestrooms. Our systems provide a wide range of benefits to hoteliers:

  • High-performance surround sound from a single cabinet.
  • Clear sound at low volumes.
  • Simple to install – simple to use.
  • No extra remote needed – integrates with interactive television/VOD systems.
  • Convenient MP3/iPod connection.

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