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PC Speakers - Why Choose ZVOX?

ZVOX makes several all-in-one cabinet audio systems that are perfect for use with PCs and Macs. If you use a separate monitor, you can place it on top of the ZVOX system (see photos). If you use a laptop, you can put your printer on top of the ZVOX system to save deskspace. Because ZVOX systems use only one connecting wire -- and no speaker wires -- you cut down on "copper snake mess." They're super-simple to connect -- just plug them into your computer soundcard headphone jack. And best of all, ZVOX systems sound fantastic when used as near-field monitors (speakers you sit close to). You'll hear "big" three-dimensional sound, even though you are sitting within a foot or so of the speaker system.

ZVOX systems are a little more expensive than most computer speakers, but if you listen to a lot of music through your PC/Mac, we're worth it. Those less expensive systems usually use plastic cabinets and cheap speaker drivers. But most importantly, they often aren't "voiced" very well (voicing is the art of setting the octave-to-octave tonal balance of a speaker -- a crucial part of achieving musical accuracy). If you use your computer as a TV or DVD movie system, you'll be amazed at how a ZVOX system can enhance the viewing experience. Our PhaseCue virtual surround system will fill your room with sound. Our built-in subwoofers deliver accurate deep bass. And our commitment to making accurate systems resulted in Stereophile magazine calling our most affordable system "audiophile quality."

The three systems most commonly used with computers are the SoundBase 220, 320 and 420. Each one comes with a 60-day home trial, so you can listen to your music, to your movies, and decide for yourself, with no salesman hovering nearby.

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