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AccuVoice TV Speaker - AV200

Aluminum cabinet. 17" w x 2.9" h x 3.1" d   Dual inputs (toslink optical digital and 3.5mm analog/toslink) so you can connect it to your TV plus one other audio source. AccuVoice dialog clarity feature. PhaseCue® virtual surround. Output leveling mode. Can work with virtually any infrared remote control. Three full-range speakers. Multi-function remote control. Hangers on back panel allow for wall mounting.

ZVOX SoundBar SB700

If you own a TV 65” or larger, this may be the perfect sound system for you. The ZVOX SB700 is 57.1” wide – almost exactly the width of typical 65” flat screen TVs. It looks great when mounted/placed a big TV – and it sounds great too. Dual built-in subwoofers, three incredible full-range speakers and a 140 watt Class D amplifier churn out stunning 3D sound from its slim (3.3”) aluminum cabinet. Bass is clean and loud down to a remarkable 37 Hz, with no external subwoofer! 


Model Number ZVOX 350  ZVOX 570   ZVOX 670   ZVOX 770     SB400     SB500

$199.99 $299.99 $369.99 $499.99 $399.99 $499.99 $699.99
Dimensions 24"x11.5"x3.5" 30"x14.5"x3.5" 36"x16.5"x3.5" 42"x16.5"x 3.5" 35.5"x3.3"x5.7" 43.9"x3.3"x5.7" 57.1"x3.3"x5.7"
Bluetooth Wireless Audio X X X X X X X
Dolby Digital® Processing X X X X X X X
High Power For Large Rooms     X X X X X
Built In Subwoofers One 5.25 in One 5.25 in One 5.25 in Three 5.25 in Three 5.25 in One 4 in Two 4 in
Digitally Tailored MegaBass®           X X
Number of Main Speakers Three 2 in Five 2 in Five 2 in Five 2x3 in Five 2x3 in Three 2 in Three 2 in
Amplifier Power 40 Watts 50 Watts 65 Watts 105 Watts 125 Watts 118 Watts 140 Watts
Best for Room Size Small-Medium Small-Medium Medium-Large Med-Extra Large Med-Extra Large Medium-Large Med-Extra Large
Best for TV Size 32-42" 37-55" 40-65" 50-70" 50-85" 37-65" 50-85"
Max TV Base Depth 10" 13" 13" 15" 15" No Limit No Limit
Max TV Base Width 22.6" 26.6" 29" 35" 41" No Limit No Limit
AccuVoice Dialogue Clarity X X  X  X X X X
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