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AccuVoice TV Speaker - AV200

Aluminum cabinet. 17" w x 2.9" h x 3.1" d   Dual inputs (toslink optical digital and 3.5mm analog/toslink) so you can connect it to your TV plus one other audio source. AccuVoice dialog clarity feature. PhaseCue® virtual surround. Output leveling mode. Can work with virtually any infrared remote control. Three full-range speakers. Multi-function remote control. Hangers on back panel allow for wall mounting.

ZVOX SoundBar SB700

If you own a TV 65” or larger, this may be the perfect sound system for you. The ZVOX SB700 is 57.1” wide – almost exactly the width of typical 65” flat screen TVs. It looks great when mounted/placed a big TV – and it sounds great too. Dual built-in subwoofers, three incredible full-range speakers and a 140 watt Class D amplifier churn out stunning 3D sound from its slim (3.3”) aluminum cabinet. Bass is clean and loud down to a remarkable 37 Hz, with no external subwoofer! 


Model Number ZVOX AccuVoice TV Speaker   ZVOX 330  ZVOX 570   ZVOX 670   ZVOX 770                  SB400     SB500    SB700

$249.99 $199.99 $299.99 $369.99 $499.99 $399.99 $499.99 $699.99
Dimensions 17"x2.9"x3.1" 24"x11.5"x3.5" 30"x14.5"x3.5" 36"x16.5"x3.5" 42"x16.5"x 3.5" 35.5"x3.3"x5.7" 43.9"x3.3"x5.7" 57.1"x3.3"x5.7"
Bluetooth Wireless Audio     YES YES YES YES YES YES
Dolby Digital® Processing YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES
High Power For Large Rooms       YES YES YES YES YES
Built In Subwoofers   One 5.25 in One 5.25 in Three 5.25 in Three 5.25 in One 4 in Two 4 in Two 4 in
Digitally Tailored MegaBass®             YES YES
Number of Main Speakers Three 2x3 in Three 2 in Five 2 in Five 2 in Five 2x3 in Three 2 in Three 2 in Three 2 in
Amplifier Power 24 Watts 40 Watts 65 Watts 105 Watts 125 Watts 118 Watts 140 Watts 140 Watts
Best for Room Size Small-Medium Small-Medium Small-Medium Medium-Large Med-Extra Large Med-Large Medium-Large Med-Extra Large
Best for TV Size For any TV Size 27-42" 37-55" 40-65" 50-70" 37-70" 50-90" 65-90"
Max TV Base Depth N/A 10" 13" 13" 15" 15" No Limit No Limit
Max TV Base Width N/A 22" 26.6" 29" 35" 41" No Limit No Limit
AccuVoice Dialogue Clarity YES YES YES  YES  YES YES YES YES
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