The Most Highly Acclaimed TV Sound Systems Ever?


Our combination of high quality sound, simple uncluttered design and affordable prices makes us a favorite with the critics. In the past seven years, we don’t know of any company that has received more rave reviews for its home theater systems than ZVOX. Read what the critics have to say. Read what our customers have to say -- on sites like and Then listen for yourself.

The CNET Reviews:  SoundBase 220   SoundBase 350  SoundBase 420   SoundBase 555   SoundBase 580   SoundBase 670   Soundbase 770

What The Critics Say About ZVOX Systems:
  • "The SoundBase isn’t twice as good, it is over ten times as good.” –Don Lindich, Sound Advice
  • "The Accuvoice helped hear dialogue better and the Output Leveling was a welcome relief." -Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
  • “Superior to most we’ve tested.” – CNET
  • “The best I’ve heard. Knockout sound.” - MSNBC
  • “Blows away the sound built into your TV.” - NBC’s Today Show
  • “Creates a sonic dance.” The New York Times
  • “Bigger audio dynamite.” The Wall St. Journal
  • “Remarkably ingenious.” - Sound & Vision
  • “A genuine audiophile-quality system.” Stereophile
  • “Best Buy.” – Consumers Digest
  • “Impressive sound without the clutter.” - TV Guide
  • “I was wowed by the room-filling sound.” Chicago Tribune
  • “A single-box audio powerhouse.” – Men’s Journal
  • “Shockingly good.” - Home Entertainment Magazine
  • “Unmatched sound quality for the price.” Macworld
  • “Inspires sincere gadget lust.” – PC World Magazine
  • “Better than some home theaters.” - Chicago Tribune
  • “The simplest possible solution with the best sound.” - Home Theater Magazine
  • “Rich, balanced and clear.” Boston Globe
  • “Big balanced sound.” – Popular Mechanics Magazine
  • “Awesome sound.” - Spike TV
  • “Big, full dynamic sound.” Ultimate AV
  • “Surpisingly powerful.” - E-Gear
  • “Performance in a box this small should be impossible. It’s not.” - Audio Video Revolution
  • “Easily rivals expensive 5.1 bundles.” - Electronic Gaming Monthly
  • “Remarkable. We’re amazed.” Maximum PC
  • “Accurate and detailed.” Audioholics
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