Vocal Clarity

Our Exclusive AccuVoice Feature Uses Hearing Aid Technology to Make Dialog Crystal Clear


As TVs get thinner and thinner, their built-in sound systems get worse and worse. Most modern flat-panel TVs use very small speakers and amplifiers that are aimed at the ground so you don’t have to look at speaker grille holes on your TV. The result? TVs look better than ever – and sound worse than ever.

If you have trouble understanding dialog on TV shows, movies or sporting events, you are not alone! Especially if you are over 50 years of age – because your hearing is not as good as it used to be (trust us, it’s not).

The good news is that the new ZVOX sound systems include a simply remarkable feature called AccuVoice® (it was called Dialog Enhancement on previous models). Press the AccuVoice button on the remote control and the ZVOX system implements hearing aid technology to make voices clear and succinct. It works really, really well.

AccuVoice is not a cheap technology. It requires a complex digital processor and center speakers. But the results are worth it. Why not take advantage of our 60 day home trial and listen for yourself? We think you’ll be amazed.



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