TV Sound

How To Dramatically Improve Your TV Sound, Simply And Affordably.


We know it seems absurd, but a great number of our customers buy ZVOX systems simply so they can hear what's being said on their televisions. And while they may appreciate our musical accuracy, great bass response and our room-filling virtual surround sound, all they really want is vocal clarity. Because the dark secret of flat-panel TVs is that they have flat sound. The thin speakers that are wedged into those skinny TVs simply can't do the job. The fact is that a cheap tube-style TV from 10 or 20 years ago has a better sound system than many state-of-the-art LCD or plasma TVs.

ZVOX systems provide a simple, affordable way to add high quality speakers to your TV. Their ability to accurately reproduce the human voice is so good that many people with hearing impairment use our systems as a sort of loudspeaker-hearing-aid (see "Hearing Impaired" application).

So if you want to hear your TV clearly — anything from a news broadcast to a sporting event to a movie -- consider adding a compact, simple, affordable ZVOX system.

New: Dialog Enhancement Feature!

All of our SoundBase systems include a remarkable feature -- our exclusive Dialog Enhancement sound processing.  It uses hearing aid technology to make voices unbelievably clear and easy to understand. Just press the "DE" button on the remote control and voices seem to jump out of the speaker right into your head! It's uncanny how well it works.



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